See how we can supercharge your workflow

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Typical workflow

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01 / extract & Explore

20 mins

Automatically surface raw data for immediate visibility.

20 mins

/ Write code to extract & load raw data into a development environment.


Explore and analyze features immediately with automatically generated profiles and visualizations.


/ Write code to profile raw data & generate visualizations.

/ Explore & analyze raw data.

02 / Data Preparation

1 hr

Instantly surface potential data issues with recommended resolutions for the user to accept or modify.

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Data transformations


/ Manually identify, troubleshoot & resolve data issues via custom code.

5 mins

Access reusable pipelines to standardize and denormalize feature data.

Cleaner Data

Cleaner data

2 hrs

/ Write code to flatten & denormalize data.

5 mins

Auto-join features from multiple data sources when compatible. Approve join keys with full transparency.

automatic joins

Automatic joins

4.5 hrs

/ Research & identify proper join keys.

/ Write code to create join keys from raw columns.

/ Evaluate join results & troubleshoot, if needed.